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About Me.

     Hello everyone, I am Merry, a passionate Japanese language enthusiast and educator born in Surabaya, Indonesia, in October 1991. From a young age, my parents' love for Japan ignited a spark within me, inspiring me to pursue my dream of becoming a Japanese language instructor for kids.

     Growing up in a modest economic background, my parents instilled in me the value of gratitude and kindness. They even taught me simple Japanese expressions like "thank you" and "sorry" to bridge the cultural gap. With their support and encouragement, I set my sights on the dream of taking them to Japan as their tour guide someday.


     At the age of 15, my journey to master Japanese began. During my junior high years, I immersed myself in the language, eager to embrace its beauty. As I completed high school, I made a resolute decision to pursue Japanese as my bachelor's degree, driven by my passion to share this fascinating language with others.


     After graduation, I had the privilege of working at a Japanese company in Indonesia, honing my language skills and understanding the cultural nuances that make Japan so unique. My commitment to language excellence led me to achieve the JLPT Certification at N2 level in 2014, and later, the N1 level in 2018.


     In 2015, I embarked on a fulfilling career as a Japanese language instructor at ITTTI Japan Indonesia. Guiding eager learners on their language adventures brought me immense joy, further fueling my desire to share the wonders of Japanese culture.

Eager to explore new horizons, I ventured into the professional world as a Japanese Speaker at Intelligence HRSolutions Indonesia in 2016, followed by a rewarding experience at Persol Indonesia in 2017.

     Never one to settle, I constantly seek growth and excellence in my field. In 2021, my dedication and hard work paid off when I was awarded the non-degree MEXT Scholarship to Ochanomizu University. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allowed me to immerse myself deeply in Japanese culture and expand my language knowledge.

     Now, I am excited to share my journey and expertise as a Japanese language instructor. My portfolio website is a testament to my love for the language and my commitment to guiding aspiring learners on their language adventures. Together, let's unlock the wonders of Japanese language and culture in this joyful exploration! 🇯🇵🎌🌟



Ochanomizu University


Diploma 1

Osaka Foreign Language School


Bachelor Degree
Bina Nusantara University

My non-degree MEXT scholarship to Ochanomizu University in 2021 enriched my language journey, immersing me in Japanese culture and deepening my language expertise. Engaging with inspiring professors and fellow enthusiasts, I gained invaluable insights and developed a deeper passion for teaching. This transformative experience has equipped me to inspire others on their linguistic adventures, fostering a love for Japanese language and culture. 🇯🇵🎓🌟

One unforgettable year at a prestigious language school in Osaka deepened my language skills and enriched my understanding of Japanese culture. Engaging classes and cultural experiences shaped me into a confident communicator, sparking a lasting passion for the Japanese language. 🇯🇵🎓🌟

At Binus University, studying Japanese Literature was a captivating journey into Japan's literary heritage. Guided by esteemed professors, I immersed myself in renowned works, gaining a profound appreciation for the power of storytelling. 📚🇯🇵🌟

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